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What is HairScene?

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First off, welcome to HairScene.net. HairScene is a new and fresh website that is devoted to you and your emo hair. We offer a large variety of pictures of emo hair and scene hair we provide great tips for your emo hair styling needs. Why not have a look at our store for emo and scene clothing that would look amazing with your emo hair and scene hair. If you just want to talk about your emo hairstyle or scene hairstyle, you can get advice from other members by simply visiting emoforums.net where you will find lots of good scene hair and emo hair conversations currently underway.

Please take a look around our site and enjoy the newest emo hair styles and the styles you guys have created!

Get your Hairstyle written about on Hairscene!

Get featured on the Homepage of Hairscene, and get your hairstyle written about for everyone to read!

There will be one lucky visitor of Hairscene that will be featured!

All you need to do is:

-Take a picture of yourself with some kind of hairscene related sign (could just be written on paper) The sign must have the full URL www.hairscene.net but apart from that the rest is up to you!

Then when you have taken the picture just email it to entries@hairscene.net or click here to send it

The entries will all be judged and the best will be emailed to let them know, added to this a page will be set up for everyone who enters pictures to be displayed so even if you didnt win your picture will be featured

This competition closes on - 30/06/2008

Have more of what you want!

The Poll from yesterday has already clearly shown that you guys want styling tips so that you have get the emo or scene hair you want. So either ask me what you want from your hair, or post a picture of the hair you want by posting a comment below. To post a comment click the title “Have more of what you want”… or click the post comment button above.

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Scene hairstyles and Emo hairstyles?

Know the difference between Emo hairstyles and Scene hairstyles? if not click here or the image above!

Want hair like Oli Sykes?

Then get it! Read HairScene’s new emo hair article! This new article goes through the Cutting and Styling of Oli Syke’s hair style, so do not miss out give it a read! Click here or the image above.

New Styles

Have a look below at the newest additions to the emo hair pictures in our collection and while you are at it take a look around the other emo hair pictures we have for you:

Hairstyle Hairstyle Hairstyle Hairstyle

Styling Your Hair

That right! We have some awesome styling guides for your emo hair, from straightening to colouring it is all there. If you want to look through the emo hair guides that we have just click right here!