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Emo Hairstyles & Scene Hairstyles

Ok so this article is really dealing with an everyday question i am asked. What is the difference between Scene and Emo? Is there any difference between the hairstyles? What i am going to tell you now is the general view this does not mean it is 100% truth, because there is no sure answer. So here goes.

Scene Hairstyles

The above hairstyles would be considered as scene hairstyles. I wil go through the reasoning for each gender.


The male scene hairstyle has the typical fringe, but as you can see in the above image (left) the fringe is not covering the eye or any part of the face at all. Also as you can see from the sweep on the right-hand side of his hair, it points straight down rather than accross the face. These are quote typical signs of scene hairstyles.


The female scene hairstyle has a straight cut fringe. Neither is the hair overtly straight, although you can get scene hairstyles that are. In general female scene hairstyles and emo hairstyles bleed through into each otheras they are quite similar.

Emo Hairstyles

Now the above images here would be considered as emo hairstyles and here are the reasons, again seperated by gender.


The male emo hairstyle image, if you compare to the scene hairstyle is different. The emo hairstyle has a fringe that covers the eye and face completely and sweeps across the face much more so. In comparision to the scene hairstyles there is a noticable difference.


The female hairstyles images, has a fringe again that covers the eyes and is much different to the scene hairstyle. Although this one is not that straight they are usually very straightened also.

Ok so there you go, my breif explaination of the difference between emo hairstyles and scene hairstyles!