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Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes is extremely well known for his hair

In this article HairScene will be telling you exactly how you can achieve his hair.

First off lets start from the very beginning

The cut

Oli Syke’s hair is a fairly simple haircut. It is a style you have to be patient for though, you have to grow you hair about an inch to 2 inches longer than the actual style. Growing the hair down to your shoulders would be the length advisable. When you have your hair at this length, cut about an inch off the front of your hair, look below for example.


The picture above shows you how to achieve the overall shape. Although Oli Sykes does have a longer fringe than the other side. With these kinds of style the back of the hair is much shorter than the front, but in Oli Syke’s case it is longer all round. If you want a shorter back and keep the same look dont shave the back, just cut it shorter.

As a final touch “chop” into the tips of the hair to add the defined ends to the hair. After the cut you need to know how to style it. So next off lets show you all how to achieve this by styling your hair.

First off lets tell you what you need to get Oli Syke’s style.

What you need

Base styling
Ok so first of all brush your hair through to ensure their are no knots then straighten your hair. Straighten your hair from tip to end slowly, do not be scared to take your time. After straightening your hair leave it to cool down. Wax should be applied only to the tips of your fingers and then be rubbed into the hair tips, rub gently to add the “messy look” with this particular hairstyle.

Finishing touches

Lightly apply hairspray from tip to end for hold. “Sweep” fringe across your face either with hands or hairbrush (hairbrush may affect in the hair becoming more frizzy depending on hair type therefore hand may be preferable). Apply more hairspray if it feels necessary.